November 07, 2015
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Andrew Young

I thought for my first blog I could introduce my self and let you know just how on Earth a British guy has ended up writing a blog on a Norwegian website… about skiing! 

In the sporting world Britain is perhaps best known for it’s success in sports like football, rugby, cricket and cycling. When you think about skiing and snow, Britain isn’t exactly the first country that springs to mind. But there is actually snow in Britain and the Scottish mountains boast a whole five (yes 5!) Alpine ski areas. There are also 2 places that prepare cross country ski trails, one with a scooter and one with a track machine. On top of this there are now a number of indoor ski slopes for Alpine skiing.

It just so happened that I was born and grew up in a town that has a cross country ski club. The local forests lend themselves to cross country skiing with the tall trees keeping the trails shady and providing skiable snow for an average of 40 days per winter. My parents were involved with the club and it was only natural that I started skiing as a toddler.

As I got older I skied more and took up roller skiing in the summer. Eventually a short rollerski track was built in my home town. The club grew in numbers and there were quite a few young skiers who took up racing and competing. At the age of 18 I got the opportunity to go to Geilo and train with NTG. I spent my last 2 years as a Junior skier living and training in Geilo. I had already finished high school back home, so I was pretty much a full time athlete although I did do some online studying and I learned some Norwegian.

For my first year as a senior I moved to Lillehammer and continued to train and compete full time. I had an ok season and showed some promise as a skier. The following season was a small break through as I twice finished in the top 30 on World Cup. The season after (last season) I joined Team Synnfjell and started training with them instead of training on my own in Lillehammer. I trained a lot and took as small step forward, ending up with two more top 30’s at world cup. This season I’ve continued to train with Team Synnfjell with the aim of taking another step forward and hopefully getting some better results.

Now you have pretty much my entire life story. Or at least all the interesting parts. But it still doesn’t explain how I’ve ended up writing here.

I joined Bækkelagets Sports Klubb in the 2013/14 season. Eirik Lund Røer is the coach for the club and also the editor of Over the few years that I’ve been in the club I’ve gotten to know Eirik. He had seen my blog and suggested I started blogging at It was a pretty easy decision to make and I jumped at the chance for being able to blog here.

Hopefully I’ll remember to update the blog regularly and give you all an insight of what it’s like to be British cross country skier. I’m looking forward to writing about my travels and adventures.

Currently I’m in Val Senales, Italy training at altitude and skiing on the glacier. But there’ll be more about that in my next blog.

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